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Industry Hubs present industry-specific resources—including videos, podcasts, book lists, etc.—and ways to connect with others in the field.

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FOW events provide the Dartmouth community with an opportunity to both share and learn about the changing professional landscapes of various industries.

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Resources for Recent Graduates

Adulting 101: Resources, tools, and tips for navigating the post-graduation landscape

Easy Budgeting for New Dartmouth Graduates: In this series of short videos, John de Regt ’72, an economics major at Dartmouth and experienced executive coach, presents a financial literacy curriculum with a basic budgeting tool (created at the request of his son, Kevin De Regt ’11 TU’17). Download the budgeting tool.

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Note to students: Access the Dartmouth Career Network (DCN) to find alumni and send emails. You will be able to create a profile during May of the year that you graduate, when you have full access to the DCN.