CHALLENGE: 50 new short or long-term work opportunities for Dartmouth '20s

The Class of 2020 is graduating from Dartmouth at one of the most difficult times in history. Securing employment is challenging—millions of jobs have evaporated over the past three months—and the ’20s need our advice and assistance.

Join the Dartmouth Career Support Network 2020.

There are three ways you can help right now:

  • Share a job or a short-term work opportunity for Dartmouth ’20s by posting it here.
  • Join our new LinkedIn group to share your expertise and connections with the ’20s. You will be contacted by our newest alumni to support their networking efforts, share your experience and career path, and offer valuable perspective and advice.
  • Spread the word. Please consider sending this to your colleagues and sharing with your networks.

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Thank you! The strength and commitment of the Dartmouth community is truly special.

Together, we can make a difference for the ’20s.

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